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Bagels for Faculty Days


Bagel Program and Fun Fridays for Teachers


Thank you for volunteering!


Bagel Program - The Bagel Program will run every 2nd Thursday at the Main campus and every 3rd Thursday at the PLC. 2 volunteers will be scheduled for each site with one volunteer being responsible for picking up the bagels at Bagel Bar East by 7 am and the second volunteer beginning set-up at the scheduled location. Detailed instructions for setting up the Bagel Breakfast will be posted in the teacher's lounge at both DLJ PLC and the Main Campus.


Fun Fridays - Note there is no assigned times for Fun Fridays and Funday Monday. Volunteers may choose something small but special to show staff our appreciation for all they do. This can be something as simple as putting a nice quote in the staff's mailbox, leaving snacks in the teacher's lounge with a note, or coming up with something more creative (See PTSA Pinterest site for more suggestions). The budget for Fun Fridays is $50 - $75. Please submit your receipts and a PTSA reimbursement in the PTSA mailbox for reimbursement. You can deliver the message, items, etc. on Thursday or Friday at your leisure. Two volunteers can work together with one being responsible for delivering to the PLC and the other to the Main Campus.


Feel free to call me directly if you have questions or need assistance with ideas. 


Thank you for your continued support!



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