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Rookie Teacher of the Year

Rookie Teacher of the Year
Kevin Sepulveda- School Counselor

 Mr. Sepulveda is two years into his work as a professional school counselor, hired right out of college. He feels extremely fortunate to have found himself here at David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center because  he feels he has had the opportunity to work with the most loving and brilliant people throughout the school district. Working at DLJK8, is not just a job; it is what he likes to refer to as his second home. He considers every educator here to be his teacher and mentor. He feels he learns something new everyday and he's grateful for every opportunity to work with the staff here at DLJK8.

Kevin graduated from Florida International University with a master’s degree and training as a mental health professional. He choose this career path to get into the field because, as a young high school student, a school counselor supported him during one of the darkest times of his life. His goal is to return that self-less need to support others. Teachers and School Counselors are the eyes and ears, and together they make the world a safer and better place for our students.

Kevin's promise to every student is that he will do his best to apply counseling theory, data, and a little bit of love to help all students. Middle school is a challenging time for any young person, but his goal is to ensure that no student ever feels alone.